Live Action Products

Welcome to the Live Action Products where we sell produce, tools, and services. 

We aim to provide the freshest greens and highest quality products and services for our customers. 

Ryan Harden


Hi, thanks for visiting our store. Here, we combine all of our products and services for the multiple businesses we run. 

Harden Farms - Farm produce is grown in organic soil and we only use non-gmo seeds that are almost all certified organic. 

Live Action Products - Live Action Products manufactures items in metal, PLA, rubbers, and foams and started production operation in 2010. We also sell a select number of quality knives, tools, and various other items useful for recreation, farming, and more. 

Americas' Trails - We're passionate about outdoor recreation and aim to help people find great trails, learn how to protect the environment, and enjoy this precious gift called Earth. 

Harden Media - We help small businesses and farmers with their marketing, websites, photography, and videography.